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Aircraft Structures
(strength & vibration)

We undertake all aspects of new design or modifications of aircraft structure:


  • New aircraft major component structural design
  • Structural design of modifications and repairs
  • Static Strength substantiation
  • Fatigue and Damage Tolerance substantiation
  • Flutter and vibration substantiation through analysis and GVT
Fluid & Mechanical Systems

Our team has designed and certified repairs and enhancements to:


  • Hydraulic systems
  • Fuel systems
  • Oxygen systems
  • Water and waste system
  • Night Vision systems
  • Passenger and cargo door systems
  • Pilot/static systems
Avionic & Electrical Systems

We offer a wide spectrum of customized solutions, keeping with the latest innovations in aircraft technologies, adapted to each customer’s specific configuration.


  • Flight deck upgrades to follow evolving technologies and regulatory mandates
  • Upgrades for aging and obsolete avionics components
  • Cabin broadband connectivity solutions
  • Solutions for special mission aircraft
  • Internal and external lighting upgrades
Aircraft Loads & Performance

For major modifications that change the existing certified weight and performance limits, or changes to external shapes, we perform:


  • CFD analysis
  • External loads evaluation
  • Aircraft Performance evaluation
  • Establish flight test requirements and prepare test plans
  • Analysis and assessment of flight test results
Occupant Safety

Occupant Safety group guides design and reviews for approval, all changes to interior configurations, large and small. Areas of attention:


  • Crew and cabin seating
  • Crew rest areas and berths
  • Stowage, lavatories and cabinetry
  • Galley systems and equipment
  • Flammability compliance
  • Crew and cabin oxygen systems
  • Cabin safety / emergency egress
  • Emergency equipment
  • Cockpit / human factors engineering
  • Smoke detection and penetration
  • Baggage and cargo compartments and systems
Weapon & Mission Systems

In our extensive experience with clients supporting the armed forces of North America, Europe and Australia, we have supported platforms with solutions for:

  • Electronic Surveillance, including a state-of-the-art AESA radar
  • Electronic Warfare
  • Target Tow system
  • Training Ordnance Drop system
  • Night Vision systems
  • Upgrades to obsolete egress systems (ejection systems and canopy fracture systems)
  • Upgrades to special mission computers

These solutions have been accepted/approved by both civilian and military authorities.